Turkey BLT | $11.50
Turkey, bacon, tomato, arugula and mayo served on a house-made croissant.

Cranberry Chicken | $12.50
Chicken, basil mayo, dried cranberries and walnuts on a baguette. 

Caprese | $12.00
Bocconcini cheese, tomato, arugula, balsamic glaze pesto mayo, served on a french baguette.

Salami | $12.00
Genoa salami, spicy avjar spread, mayo, cheddar cheese and arugula served on a french baguette

Capicola | $11.50
Capicola, roasted red peppers and spinach served on a french baguette.

SOUP DE JOUR (12oz bowl) |  $7.95

Quiche Lorraine | $7.95

Yogurt Parfait | TBA
In-house made granola with vanilla greek yogurt and a seasonal berry compote.