Chocolate all Day

Chocolate all Day

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Calling all chocolate lovers! It's the bake book you've been waiting for, with over 100 rich, delicious, yet accessible recipes for baking with chocolate all day long.

In Steve’s first book, he's here to take the mystery out of chocolate with over 100 meticulously tested recipes that will inspire home bakers of all skill levels. Inside, you'll find ideas for:

  • Chocolate for Breakfast: Wake up with Chocolate Sticky Buns or White Chocolate Raspberry Scones
  • Cakes, Tarts & Soufflés: Celebrate a special occasion or everyday gathering with a Dark Chocolate Cheesecake or Banana Cream Chocolate Pie
  • Cookies, Squares & Bites: Make afternoon tea even nicer with Chocolate Almond Biscotti or Chocolate Raspberry Brownies
  • Kid-Friendly Chocolate: Get the kids in the kitchen with Easy-Made Chocolate Bars or Milk Chocolate-Covered Caramel Apples
  • Learn Essentials like Mirror Glazes, Pastry Cream and Buttercream
  • And so much more!

In addition to his show stopping recipes, Steve also gives plenty of advice on buying, storing and working with chocolate. He'll show you how to temper it, how to create chocolate decorations and how to fix your desserts if something goes wrong! You'll learn to taste chocolate and build a chocolate-based entertaining board that's sure to impress. But most importantly, you'll come away with the confidence to tackle any kind of chocolate recipe and make it your own. With Chocolate All Day as your guide, your favorite ingredient to eat will become your favorite to bake with as well!

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